Beauty storage solutions to create the ultimate getting-ready space

Beauty storage solutions to create the ultimate getting-ready space

Whether you’re getting ready to go to work or out to a party, it’s great to have a space where all your beauty and haircare products are stored efficiently and ready to use. Having a bedroom storage area for your cosmetics keeps things tidy and will save you time searching for them. And it will make the experience of doing your make-up more relaxing and indulgent – a bit like getting ready at a salon every day!

Below we have some top beauty storage solutions to help you create the ultimate getting-ready space.

Use a vanity table

A vanity table gives you a designated area to house your essentials, as well as a space to get ready for the day or night ahead. You can put your perfume, make-up, skincare products, and hair-styling tools in the drawers of the table with your favourites neatly on top of the unit so they are close to hand. 

Vanity units come in many different sizes and styles, so whether you are looking for sharp and modern or vintage and chic, you are sure to find one that suits your bedroom. Pair with a comfy stool, a mirror, and good lighting, and you’ve got the complete bedroom storage unit to perfect your daily beauty routine.

Invest in fitted storage

Cosmetics and hair accessories accumulate over time, and soon you may end up finding that you’ve run out of space in your vanity table unit. If you’re looking for a solution with greater storage capacity, then fitted bedroom beauty storage is a fantastic way to keep everything under control. Investing in a bespoke cosmetic unit offers you the chance to create something personalised that fits exactly to the space you have available. You could have a separate unit to house your beauty products, or choose something built-in as part of your fitted wardrobe design. This will give you plenty of drawers, shelves, and compartments for your various products and tools.  

Use baskets and hooks

As well as bespoke pieces of furniture to house your products and accessories, baskets, trays, and hooks offer fantastic additional storage space for individual items. Wicker baskets make a great home for hairbrushes, dryers, and straighteners, keeping them off the floor. While hooks placed inside doors are perfect for hanging hair bands, bobbles, and hair wraps. Ensure you have a big enough space for any baskets or boxes to be stored away so they aren’t left out in walkways ­- and try to have a declutter every so often to make sure things aren’t getting put in the wrong homes.

Add a walk-in wardrobe

Nothing says five-star beauty space like a walk-in wardrobe. If you have ample room in your bedroom area, then this is the ultimate way to get ready in supreme comfort and luxury with all your clothes, accessories, and beauty essentials in one area. When designing a walk-in wardrobe, you have many options, depending on your preference and amount of space available. You can choose a doorless wardrobe, which means you can see everything on show in front of you, or if you prefer to have your things concealed, then you could choose a closed option with a range of doors available to suit your bedroom design. With everything from hanging trouser rails, tie racks, and cosmetic units, to pull-out shoe racks and counterbalance hanging rails, you can tailor the entire interior, as well as the exterior of your walk-in wardrobe, to be just how you want it to be.

Hammonds can transform your beauty storage area

Here at Hammonds, we are experts when it comes to bedroom design and storage solutions. From walk-in wardrobes to bespoke cosmetic units or storage units for awkward spaces, we will work with you to ensure all your beauty storage needs are met and exceeded.

To get started, book a free design visit with one of our experts and prepare for the ultimate getting-ready space!

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