Brown bedroom décor ideas

2022 trends: Brown bedroom ideas

When it comes to the big colour trends for 2022, brown is very much high up on the list. From chocolates to cinnamons, almonds and caramels, it’s a spectrum which offers a lot of choice and variety.

In a bedroom, shades of brown can add warmth and earthiness. It is a colour that can be layered with various textures, mixed with many other shades and incorporated as much or as little as you like.

Here we give you some advice and inspiration on some of the best brown bedroom décor ideas for your home.

Colour pairings

Often mistaken as a ‘boring’ colour, brown actually offers a complex and interesting array of shades that ooze sophistication and depth. One of the best things about the colour is its versatility; its wide range of tones mean that it pairs well with whites and naturals, as well as a whole host of other, more vibrant, colours.

Dark chocolate bedroom furniture pairs well with emerald green or citrine yellow upholstery, whereas milkier shades of caramel on the walls look fantastic with warm pinks, slate greys and teal fittings and accessories.


Whether you have very contemporary taste or a more traditional interior preference, there are many ways to add brown décor ideas in your bedroom.

The return of the 70s trend in both fashion and interiors means that the retro theme is definitely making a comeback. For this, you can think of warm palettes of tan and taupe for the walls, combined with retro brass fittings and leather bed frames and seating. Faux fur rugs and abstract art can really finish off the look, depending on how far you want to take it.

For a more modern take on brown, you can embrace the colour’s natural eco-appeal. Hardwood floors layered with natural jute rugs and earthy accessories give a nurturing and outdoorsy feel, as well as a nod to a more sustainable way of living.


Wooden flooring provides natural warmth and personality to a bedroom. Available in a variety of styles, you can choose from oak, chestnut, maple, walnut or ash depending on what shade of brown you prefer. A darker wooden floor will offer durability as well as cosiness, however a paler shade appears more contemporary and may suit a smaller bedroom better to reflect the light in the space.

If you prefer carpet in your bedroom for a softer feel underfoot, then beige or taupe are timeless and extremely versatile. Alternatively, you could opt for a natural sisal carpet, which is one of the most durable and fits in perfectly with the eco trend theme.


Wooden furniture offers a long-lasting, natural and attractive feature in a bedroom. From bed frames to headboards, side tables and dressing tables, you can play around with varying shades for an eclectic look or stick to one wood type for a more cohesive and structured feel. 

The beauty of fitted wardrobes in a bedroom is that they come in a wide range of colours and finishes to match your desired interior theme. From wood grain to light pine, there are many ways to style your fitted furniture so that it fits effortlessly with your brown bedroom décor.


Brown is a wonderful colour for accessories and soft furnishings in a bedroom. From bedside lamps and glazed vases to art and mirror frames, there are countless ways to add pops of brown here and there. Wood, stone and glass are all sustainable materials that can form the backbone of your accessory theme, and the rise of artisan craft means that you can pick up unique, one-of-a-kind pieces in terracotta and ceramic to add that wow factor. 

Shades of brown are perfect for bed linen and cushions too. The colour is incredibly grounding and relaxing and helps to create a sense of calm when it comes to bedtime. Pair with soft pastels and shades of white for the ultimate serene sleep environment.

If a modern brown bedroom décor is on your radar for 2022, then our team at Hammonds can help you to create a well-ordered space that makes the most of this colour trend.

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