Can you find all the missing items in the house?

Can you find all the missing items in the house?

Here at Hammonds, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke fitted furniture to help transform houses into beautiful homes. During lockdown, we’ve appreciated the comfort of our homes and the time we spend in them even more.  

However, no matter how much time we spend in our homes, there are certain household items that we always seem to lose around the house, no matter how well we know our space. From a favourite pair of socks to your smartphone phone, you look away once second, and it’s gone the next!

Can you find all eight commonly lost items in this home we’ve created? It takes the average person 29 seconds – much quicker than it takes to actually find the items when you lose them!

The items are:

  • A TV remote
  • A pair of socks
  • Car keys
  • Glasses
  • Mobile Phone
  • Umbrella
  • Purse/Wallet

Did you find them all? If not, don’t fret. You can see all the answers circled below!

If you often find yourself losing these items, fitted furniture can be a great way to ensure everything has its right place, while helping your rooms look great.

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