How to keep cool when working from home this summer

How to keep cool when working from home this summer

With many of us now on hybrid contracts, a good home working environment is essential – and temperature plays a big part in this. Being too hot can make us lose concentration, feel fatigued and become dehydrated, risking our productivity and well-being.

Given that the annual mean temperature in the UK is just under 10°C, it's hardly surprising that our homes are built to keep heat inside. However, in the summer the UK can see temperatures well above 30°C and, due to climate change, these seasonal heatwaves are more frequent. During these periods, it can be as sweltering inside our properties as outside in the sunshine.

Thankfully, there are things we can do to beat the heat. Discover the design tips that will help to keep your home office cool and comfortable this summer.

Cover the windows

Sunlight streaming through windows quickly warms a room – and it will stay warm after the sun has gone. This is because the insulation in UK homes works to trap heat inside. So, cover the windows during the day to prevent direct sunlight from entering your home office.

Adjustable blinds are the most versatile and therefore the best option for controlling the temperature of your office. Alter the height to block out, limit or let in sunshine to suit the weather and time of day. The rotatable slats can also be used to reduce screen glare. Light curtains are a great alternative for keeping out sunlight, ensuring good visibility even when closed.

Top tip: Don't open your windows when temperatures soar outside: rooms that are cooler than the outdoors temperature will become hotter and more stuffy if windows are opened.

Use devices wisely

Electronic equipment generates heat – and will raise the temperature of your office – so use devices wisely when working from home in the summer.

When not in use, keep your laptop and other equipment turned off at the plug rather than running on standby. This will help to reduce your electricity bill as well as the temperature!

When using your devices, make sure there's room for air to flow around them. This might include pulling printers and computers away from the wall and placing your laptop on a stand. This will help to prevent them from overheating. You should also take care to work out of direct sunlight.

Bring in a fan

As electrical devices, fans will add some heat to the room when in motion. However, they help more than they hinder. Moving the air around the space increases convective heat loss, making you and the room feel cooler. It's therefore a good idea to bring in a fan during a heatwave.

Place a small fan on your desk so the circulating air is as close to you as possible. If you find this distracting, opt for a floor fan instead and keep it in the corner. The tower fan is an update on these traditional designs, moving the air vertically for even air distribution. Most models are small and portable and have the added benefit of being quieter than a conventional fan.

Feature cool colours

Did you know that featuring cool colours in your room will trick you into feeling cooler? This is because we associate cool colours like blue and green with nature which makes us feel calm and content. Conversely, orange and red inspire cosiness and passion and can influence us to feel warmer than we are.

Using a blue colour scheme for your office décor will keep you cool in summer while reducing stress and improving productivity year-round. Go the whole hog and investigate the option of blue home office furniture from Hammonds to complement a lighter shade on your walls.

Light colours will literally cool your office as they reflect sunlight while darker hues absorb it. Incorporate plenty of white and other pale neutrals like beige and stone to ensure a bright, airy workspace.

Use Hammonds for help with home design

Creating a home environment where you can work comfortably in summer is essential for your health and efficiency. For assistance with seasonal office décor, book a free design visit with our team for specialist advice tailored to your home and individual needs. Discuss fitted furniture, how to keep your house cool and all things interior design.

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