How to maximise light and space with these bedroom mirror ideas


If your bedroom is light-starved or north-facing, a well-placed mirror can maximise the little light it gets. When positioned correctly, mirrors can enhance your space and make the room feel so much brighter.

Whether you're investing in a decorative or practical mirror, use it strategically to create the illusion of a larger bedroom. But if you're struggling with bedroom mirror lighting ideas, our blog highlights the most creative spots to place your mirrors and bring in additional light.


How do mirrors create more space and light?

Bedroom mirror décor makes small or awkward spaces appear bigger and brighter. A mirror can capture and reflect either natural or artificial light into areas that it wouldn’t normally reach. This makes everything appear more open and spacious while adding depth.

Knowing where to place your mirror furniture in your bedroom can make all the difference. Interior designers creatively use mirrors to diffuse light into dark, hard-to-reach corners by placing them in specific spots around the room. So, let's look at how you can position your mirrors to ensure your bedroom achieves its potential.


Reflect the view with a horizontal mirror

Placing a long, horizontal mirror along the length of your bedroom wall will not only function as an eye-catching decorative feature, but it will make your room appear more spacious. Simply position it across from the main window to visually capture the view from the outside and bring it into your room.

Using a long mirror will reflect as much light as possible, ensuring the room appears bigger and brighter than it is.


Invest in functional mirrored furniture

If you haven't got much room, mirrored furniture is an excellent way to make your space feel more generous.

Mirrored fitted wardrobes are functional and stylish, ensuring your bedroom remains both practical and modern. Not only will you have the illusion of a larger room, but you'll create a full-length dressing area so you can easily view your outfits from all angles.

Your custom-made wardrobe can be designed to match your existing interior while keeping your belongings organised and hidden. Using bespoke storage solutions is also a superb way of keeping your bedroom tidy and clutter-free, which can help to present the appearance of a larger space.


Create the illusion of a window

Perhaps you live in a small apartment or a city flat with restricted views. If so, your bedroom might have a tiny window or none at all.

However, hanging a large, floor-length mirror next to or opposite your bed can create the illusion of a new window. It will reflect any natural light coming in, as well as any light produced by table lamps to offer ambience, making your small room feel even cosier at night.


Try a mirror above the headboard

If you already have artwork or photos above your bed, consider swapping these for a large mirror placed above the headboard. This will maximise the luminosity of the room.

When it comes to bedroom wall mirror ideas, you can still create a decorative focal point by hanging two or three smaller mirrors to produce a stylish gallery wall. Try round or frameless mirrors to reflect light as a full-length mirror may dominate the space and have the opposite effect, making your room feel smaller.


Enhance your bedroom space with Hammonds

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