Look out for these 2024 interior design trends

January is the month of new beginnings and resolutions. If you've decided to refresh your home this year, you're in luck. The 2024 interior design trends have just dropped and some sleek styles are sure to bring things right up to date.

Whether you're reimagining every room or focusing on one space in your home, our roundup of the latest interior design trends will provide the perfect springboard to inspire you.


Brass accents

Brass was already making a comeback in 2023, but this year the trend has levelled up. Gone is the vibrant, glossy sheen and in its place is a muted, brushed effect that introduces laidback luxury to a space. This is refined metals with a chic twist.

Brass works well in a range of settings and complements an array of colour schemes, adding a metallic sheen to a neutral colour palette or enhancing a jewel-coloured wall. While bathrooms and kitchens might be go-to choices, it's also a versatile addition in the form of a plant pot in a living room or a lamp in a bedroom.



We're set to shun the minimalist aesthetics and quiet designs that we've seen in recent years. Instead, we're going big with maximalism. This is a major interior design trend for 2024 and, with its boundary-pushing lines, clashing patterns and loud colours, it's the opposite of the less-is-more style we're used to.

However, maximalism incorporates other trends. With a renewed focus on sustainability in design, upcycling and thrifting lend themselves to this trend, with retro and vintage pieces slotting seamlessly into this bombastic aesthetic. Think reclaimed seating in bright colours and bold wallpaper with swirling designs.


Illuminate your space

Big, bold lighting features are set to be a huge trend in 2024. Maximalism is showing up in every element of home interiors this year, so you can expect to see oversized chandeliers, vibrant floor lamps and quirky table lamps in striking colours and shapes. Maximalism is making a statement, and focusing on lighting your home is an excellent way to tap into this trend.

However, if you want to keep your lighting simple, you might want to go with another trend that's set to be big this year. Nature is set to influence lighting designs, with materials such as wood and stone featuring in table lamps and rattan shades adding a biophilic element.


Bold colours

Step away from gentle neutrals and embrace vibrant, candy-coloured palettes that are taking over homes this year. From lavender tones and bright blues to rich jewel colours, there are plenty of fun hues to incorporate into your home.

If you’re diving into this colour trend, you might want to go all-out with forest green walls or nod to bold tones with well-placed accents. Cushions, curtains and accessories are the perfect way to inject colour into the home. Or you might opt to keep everything neutral apart from your furniture. A vibrant blue fitted wardrobe, for example, can be a real standout piece in a room that previously had a minimalist aesthetic.


Exposed staircases

This might be a slightly larger home interiors project for you to try, but the effect will be worth the time and effort. Exposed structures are set to be huge, and opening up your staircase can transform both traditional and contemporary homes.

You can try this interior design trend by swapping your standard banister for a glass design. If possible, you could also switch the stairs out for steps with a floating effect. Play around with the structure to define how this update will look in your home.


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