New Year’s Resolution: A clutter-free bedroom for 2019

New Year’s Resolution: A clutter-free bedroom for 2019

We hold two mottos very close to our hearts:

1.    ‘A tidy house, is a tidy mind’ 
2.    ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ 

To get you started on your quest to resolve your clutter we have put together our top four resolutions for a clutter-free sanctuary. We say a sanctuary, because that is what your bedroom should be, a place of tranquil calm where you can relax. But we also know it’s easy to let things pile up.

Resolution one: I will adhere to ‘one in, one out’ / out with old, in with new

One of the best ways to minimise your clutter or unused clothes is to follow the one in, one out rule. Every time you buy something new, remove something that you no longer use or need. This prevents buying things you don’t need and clearing out the things you no longer wear.

This applies to clothes, accessories and shoes – no exceptions.

In the end you’ll have a wardrobe full of items you love and know you will use time and time again. Bag up your unwanted belongings and take them to charity. So you’re not only sticking to your resolution, you’re also doing a good deed.

Resolution two: I will put all clothes away each night

You might not be the one responsible for this, but, the most common cause of clutter is clothes, particularly those that don’t seem to make their way back into the wardrobe or washing basket. It’s easy to think ‘I’ll do it in the morning’ but before you know it the single jacket has multiplied and you’re ending up with a floordrobe situation.

Before you go to bed make sure the floor is clear of all clothes. Don’t let clean clothes linger in a pile waiting to be put away. Anything that can be worn again needs to go back in its place, all dirty laundry in the basket.

Having a laundry basket built in to fitted wardrobes or furniture makes this even easier, when you’re putting your clothes away you can put your washing in too.

This corner linen bin sits beautifully between chest of drawers in what would have been a wasted corner space.

Resolution three: I will take part in a seasonal switch over

Make valuable space in your wardrobe, switch out and store your out of season items every six months, grouping spring and summer together then Autumn and Winter. If you don’t trust yourself to remember, set an alarm in your calendar as a reminder and dedicate an afternoon to organising your wardrobe.

In spring and summer, store thick jumpers and cardigans along with any winter boots, scarves and coats. The same goes when autumn rolls around, pack-up your holiday clothes. Out of sight, out of mind. Invest in air tight storage bags and boxes to save on space in your cupboards or under your bed.

Resolution four: I will make sure everything has its place

At the beginning of the year, make sure everything in the bedroom is given a dedicated place, and stick to it.

If everything has its own place, it’s easy to see when something needs tidying away.

If you have lots of jewellery, storage trays in dressing tables are fantastic for keeping it organised.

Invest in some pretty trays and jars for items that often end up looking messy such as perfume and cosmetic items.

More of a shoe person? Built in shoe racks will mean pairs are kept neat, tidy, easy to find, and most importantly, together.

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