Seeking Mr Sandman: How to Get the Perfect Night's Sleep

Seeking Mr Sandman: How to Get the Perfect Night's Sleep

Professional Organiser and APDO member, Jules Langford from Cluttered To Cleared, gives us her decluttering tips to ensure you get a better night's sleep.

How did you sleep last night?  

If the answer is "Not great", you're not alone.

A third of adults in the UK are estimated to suffer from insomnia, and it's a big problem.   
Poor sleep can affect anything from your concentration to your relationships.  
There can be many causes, but let's start close to home.  Did you know that the state of your bedroom can make a big difference to how well-rested you feel? 

Try these tips to get great night's sleep.

1. A clutter-free bedroom is a calm bedroom

You can shut your eyes, but you can't shut out the clutter, which means you can't relax!  Even clearing off the bedside cabinet and dressing table can make the room feel more tranquil.

2. Put your clothes away 

Your new top looked great at lunch today, but now it's flung on the back of the chair it makes your room feel chaotic.  If it's clean enough for a second wear, hang it up in the wardrobe.  Otherwise, in the laundry basket it goes. 

3.    Keep a notepad by your bed and declutter your mind before turning the lights out  

If your mind is buzzing with "Must Remember To's..."  you'll be tossing and turning all night. So, jot down those birthday cards to buy and boiler checks to book. Then forget about them until tomorrow. 

 4. Keep electronics out of the bedroom

 This one is not just for the teenagers.  Losing track of time on social media means losing sleep - at least put your phones/tablets in a drawer and turn off those pinging notifications

 5. Use essential oils in a diffuser 

 Essential oils not only smell delicious, but many are known for their sleep-inducing properties.  Try a blend of lavender and vetiver – known as the Oil of Tranquillity – and drift away. 

Sweet dreams!

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