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Six reasons Hammonds is better

At Hammonds, creating stylish yet practical storage solutions is what we do best - and there are several things we take into account.

  • Soft-close as standard

    We're not the only ones that offer 'soft-close' drawers, but our rivals only offer this on their exterior drawers. Hammonds offers 'soft-close' on both exterior and interior drawers.

  • The smoothest gloss

    Have you ever looked at a gloss door and seen what we call 'orange peel'; it's a slight rippled effect you get on lower quality gloss doors. How do we avoid it? Simple, we've explored different processes to ensure we get the perfect, crisp finish.

  • Stronger drawers

    A drawer should be robust; we build ours with four strong sides, then fit our handles to an additional panel. Other companies stick their handles directly to the frame, slapdash.

  • Quality materials

    The thicker the material used, the better. So we only select the best quality MDF or MFC, making the overall build stronger and more durable. Our work looks and feels more substantial.

  • Match cornice & plinth

    We design a range not just a door - a great deal of thought and consideration goes into designing a range. Everything is specifically tailored to complement that range including different styles of cornice and plinth to finish the range off perfectly. No short cuts!

  • Built to last

    Every component is examined, studied, tested and improved. All our wardrobe doors are fitted with four hinges for extra support as well as a lifetime guarantee... you can't say fairer than that!