Emily's Seton Sanctuary


Emily's freestanding furniture was wasting valuable space in her bedroom. After using Hammonds previously, she returned for some high quality fitted storage.

Margaret Vitke
Iliyan Gizdov
Paul King

What was the space like before you had the transformation? How did it make you feel? 

The space felt bland and wasted, we had a big enough bedroom to include plenty of storage but the furniture in the room at the time did not make good use of the space and it did not give us enough space for the both of us. 

It made our room feel slightly wasted and like we had all of clothes spread across other bedrooms in separate wardrobes whereas now we have enough space for all of our day to day essentials in our bedroom with additional space for me to use as a dressing table so that I can get ready comfortably. 

What made you choose Hammonds? 

We have used Hammonds before and we have always been pleased with the quality and design 

How do you feel about the space now? 

Very satisfied with the layout and space that we have created in our bedroom. 

Three words to describe the space now. 

Modern, practical, homely 

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