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Open Up: Summer Kitchen Re-design


Gone are the days when the only view enjoyed from the kitchen was the window above the sink. If you’re planning a kitchen re-design the humble back door has been given a transformation and it may be time to “open up”.  Despite the variable British weather, more of us are choosing to open up our kitchens to enjoy the indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Designing an open-plan kitchen takes great planning, something an experienced Hammonds Kitchen designer knows best. There are many ways your garden can provide the perfect backdrop for your new kitchen. Light reflecting glass splash backs and natural earthy tone colour units will help bring the two spaces together, uniting kitchen and garden seamlessly.

If you only have a small kitchen it is possible to enjoy the benefits of the indoor-outdoor lifestyle too, not only to promote the sense of space but also making the garden more accessible.

If you’re considering a kitchen island, taking careful note of where natural light falls may help in deciding the position and if you enjoy a lot of informal dining an island can create a fashionable social hub between kitchen, dining and garden.  

If you enjoy dining outside a lot through the summer months, consider where you store cutlery, plates and glasses to ensure they are easily accessible for the garden.  

Also consider lighting that enhances the flow of the kitchen and doesn’t over power it. Choosing separate lighting for inside and out will help connect and disconnect the spaces when required. Using white lighting within the kitchen will give a feeling of the great outdoors, uniting the two spaces on dull days.

For lots more suggestions on a new kitchen re-design, book a design visit with us today and one of our experienced Hammonds designers will show you exactly how to maximise space, light and living the indoor-outdoor lifestyle this summer. Our design visits are completely free,  giving you the opportunity to see 3D visuals of what a bespoke, made to measure kitchen would look like in your humble abode.

Click here to take advantage of our complimentary design visit today and book a time that suits you, mornings, evenings or weekends.

We’re here to give your home the transformation it deserves. 


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