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U-Shaped Kitchen Ideas: Designing a U-Shaped Kitchen | Hammonds


Popular and practical, the U-shape kitchen suits homes of every size. Find out how to design your kitchen space with Hammonds.

Are you looking for some U-shaped kitchen inspiration? This type of kitchen design is a popular choice, and suits homes of almost every shape, size and style. Below, we will explain how they work, discuss their advantages, and offer tips on how to create the perfect U-shaped kitchen for your needs.


So, just what is a U-shaped kitchen? And why should you choose this design over any other style?

What is a U-shaped kitchen?

U-shaped kitchens include three sides of cabinetry with an open end for access. Designed in the shape of a ‘U’, they help to utilise all the available space for work surfaces and storage. Although they naturally suit small spaces, a breakfast bar and kitchen island can also be incorporated into this style if you have a much larger space.

“Even if you’ve only got a small space to work with, the U-shaped kitchen will allow you to move easily between your appliances such as your oven, fridge freezer and sink. It’s an incredibly efficient design and can help to separate the food preparation area from the rest of the family area in this room.”

Josh, Hammonds designer

U-shaped kitchen pros and cons

In comparison to an L-shaped or galley kitchen, U-shaped designs can provide homeowners with an ample amount of storage space and work surface.  

Additional pros include:

  • Ideal for cooks, the layout of the U-shaped kitchen provides easy access to the room’s key areas.
  • Safe for families, these designs ensure that there is minimal traffic.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to this style of kitchen, too:

  • With cupboards on three sides, you may see quite a reduction in your floor area.
  • If you have a particularly small kitchen, you could end up feeling quite enclosed.

Layout ideas – the working triangle

By creating a ‘working triangle’ between the cooking area, fridge and sink, you will be helping to utilise your space more efficiently. Also known as the ‘golden triangle’ this decades-old theory is still very much relevant today, as these three areas are used the most on a day-to-day basis in the kitchen.   


When you are determining your layout, position your sink looking out of a window. This will allow a natural light in, while making the washing up a lot more enjoyable!

Utilise corners for storage

Another way to maximise the space in your U-shaped kitchen is to make use of all the corners. Smart storage solutions – such as our corner pull-out shelves – can help to prevent your cabinet corners becoming dead space or awkward to access. At Hammonds, we can create bespoke, tailored pieces to achieve the design that you have always dreamed of.

Create a focal point

U-shaped kitchens naturally focus on the base of the U, which is why we’d recommend either adding a statement appliance here or incorporating an eye-catching wall design. This will help to draw the eye through the room – while maintaining symmetry. Another way to create a focal point here would be to add some pretty pendant lighting. These types of lights will also ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice the open feel of the kitchen.

Maximise light

When you line three walls, it can often make a space feel dark or crowded. As a result, effective lighting in a U-shaped kitchen is essential. If you’ve got lots of natural light flooding into this room, take advantage of it. Otherwise, central ceiling lights and soft lighting     beneath cabinets and worktops will help to ensure you can see what you’re doing when you’re preparing food.

Style it to suit your space

U-shaped kitchens don’t demand one style over another. The size and shape of the room will provide you with a good guide as to what would work well in there. If you like a pop of colour here and there, you can also open up a smaller space with light hues and gloss finishes.

If you’d like some help from the experts, ensure that you book your free design visit with Hammonds today. Our goal is to make your cooking, dining and entertaining life as simple and stylish as possible.

For more kitchen inspiration, be sure to check out the other guides on our blog, too.


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