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White kitchen ideas | All-white kitchen designs | Hammonds

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The all-white kitchen is a timeless design classic. Find out how to make your space your own with our white kitchen designs and ideas.

White kitchen ideas

Isn’t it interesting that we take potentially the messiest room of the house – the place where we make all our food and get busy baking, roasting and frying every day – and decide to make it white? We must love the paradox, because the all-white kitchen is an established classic of interior design.

Bright, clean, fresh and chic, an all-white kitchen is a pleasure to walk into every day, but it also offers a platform to get creative with some additional design concepts that will give your kitchen a personalised touch. With that in mind, we’ve put together a collection of modern white kitchen ideas that range from the fun to the stylishly suave, so you can put your own stamp on your cooking space.

Add fun lighting

All-white kitchens are renowned for making the most of the space, with the bright and light approach making the average room appear bigger than if the same layout were adorned with darker colours. The same goes for the use of good lighting – and adding a few standout touches to your kitchen is a great idea.

White kitchen designs allow you to be as bold or as subtle as you wish, which means you can explore a full range of lighting options – from functional, futureproofed smart lighting to spectacular drop-down pendants that command attention as soon as you enter the room. With a clean setting to work with, we think all-white kitchens present a great opportunity to have some fun with the lighting, which you can happily use as the focal point of your space.

Showcase unique artwork

Art and kitchens are becoming more synonymous with each other all the time, and utilising artwork in your space allows you to add subjective touches to your blank canvas. That could come in the form of an oversized wall hanging, some vintage and antique utensils being scattered around the kitchen or even a painting of a fruit bowl sat above an actual fruit bowl.

That’s the beauty of installing artwork anywhere in the home – you’ll be engaging in a completely unique aspect of design that helps you truly express your personality. Plus, any particularly striking pieces are sure to be a talking point when you have guests over.

Enhance the all-white aesthetic with exposed shelves

If you’ve got crockery that complements your kitchen space, why not make it a part of your aesthetic? Complementary or contrasting crockery housed on exposed shelving has become a favourite of all-white kitchen designs, and it gives a two-birds, one-stone benefit to investing in good crockery and utensils – which, let’s face it, we all love to do.

If you are going to go for the exposed aesthetic, it’s probably best to keep the look relatively minimal to stay in sync with the rest of the kitchen theme. That means don’t go stacking too many plates, pots and pans up on your open shelves, or it could look a bit messy! If you’ve got some exposed piping to work alongside the shelving, that will add a chic industrial touch.

Contrast your cabinets with subtle shades

If you’re not contrasting your crockery, what about contrasting your cabinets instead, or indeed alongside? For all their fresh and clean appeal, all-white kitchens can be a tad “cold” without a splash of colour on some feature element in the room. Cabinets are the perfect vehicle for this colour expression, whether that’s as a focal point of the space or as a partner to some monochromatic crockery pieces.

You can also warm your kitchen up with a two-tone cabinet approach, but be careful with the colour palette you’re using here – you don’t want to be too full on with a multi-coloured design on a white background.

Add some greenery

The addition of plants is welcome virtually anywhere in the home, and your kitchen is no different. Plants breathe life, energy and oxygen into a space and have been proven to have a positive bearing on your mood, increasing productivity and creativity while reducing stress and fatigue – a must-have for any budding chef, then!

They bring a design benefit alongside their health boosts, too. Like with many other modern white kitchen ideas, large floor plants, window planters and small succulents can all be used as stylish tone breakers in your design, not to mention making an otherwise polished, uniform space feel a bit more homely.

Incorporate different textures

While your first impressions of all-white kitchen designs might be that they’re largely pure, smooth and shiny, the base layout needn’t be boring. Before you plug in the additional touches we’ve mentioned above, you might want to spice up the basic elements of your kitchen by incorporating different textures. Your options with textures are vast and varied, whether that’s the addition of tiled floors or walls, some panelling on your cabinets or distressed finishes on your surfaces.

And a feature wall in an all-white kitchen certainly isn’t out of the question. It can always be adorned with a bold colour or texture move – or both. An alternate texture option is another great way to break up the uniformity of the space.


So, six impactful modern white kitchen ideas for you to build on. While there’s an argument to say you could tastefully incorporate all of them into your design, it’s worth remembering that all-white kitchens are best adapted with a minimalistic approach, so if you do end up adopting a bit of everything in the aesthetic, it’s likely best to do so in moderation. You might instead look to focus on a couple of areas.

Remember, one of the main benefits of utilising an all-white kitchen is the blank template it gives you, so don’t be afraid to have some fun and inject ideas you like from the whole spectrum of lighting, colour and texture designs. If you’re still looking for a little inspiration, you can always book a design visit to see how we’d advise you to make best use of your space.


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